Maria Kern

Dip. Bio Resonance Therapy 
Dip. Massage
Cert. III in Prayer Ministry (EH)

Maria has been working as a health practitioner since 1988.


Before moving to Brisbane, she worked in Adelaide as a private practitioner in her own clinic, as well as teaching at the South Australian Health Education Centre.


In 1994, Maria opened her clinic in Brookfield, where she now works with a small team of qualified practioners.

Alison Mergard

Dip. Bio Resonance Therapy 
Cert. Nutrition

Alison completed Bioresonance training and joined the Maria Kern Health Therapy team in 2015. 


Alison is currently completing her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics at Endeavor College of Natural Therapies.


Kerry Manson

Dip. Bio Resonance Therapy 

Recently, Kerry joined our team after working as an Early Childhood teacher for 40 years and then completing her Bioresonance training.  She is excited to combine her love of health, children and families in her work here at the clinic.


Over the years, Kerry has taught many children whose academic learning was impacted by allergies, intolerances and emotional health issues.


In the future, Kerry will present workshops for parents of school-aged children and those affected by ADHD, Aspergers and learning challenges.


0402 526 887


109 Boscombe Road, Brookfield QLD 4069